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A contemporary tweak to a classic inversion, so-called “Funky Pincha” is an asymmetric posture that requires a tremendous amount of shoulder girdle and core strength to find balance on one palm and one forearm. It’s recommended that you’re able to hold traditional Pincha Mayurasana for 10 breaths before you attempt this one-arm variation.


Begin in a compressed Adho Mukha Svanasana (a slightly shortened Downward-facing Dog), inhaling to extend with closed hips your Right leg into the sky and exhaling as you lower your Left forearm to the mat. Create a triangle with the two arms, placing your Left hand at the front and center of your mat with the Left forearm placed diagonally with the corner of the mat. Keeping your Right arm bent with the elbow pointing behind you and the shoulder drawing down the back, slide the Right palm in line with your Left elbow. On your next inhale firm your belly by magnetizing the navel to the spine (Uddiyana Bandha) and firming the pelvic floor up the length of the spine (Mula Bandha) to lift your Left foot to meet the Right over your hips.

Hold the posture for 10 breaths, before releasing through a feminine expressino of Balasana (Child’s Pose) with arms extending behind you with open-flipped palms, attempting the inverse arm/leg alignment for the Right side when breath has returned steady.

Posture must-do’s:

  • Keep your arms in a Triangle, with the lowered elbow and planted palm horizontally aligned;
  • Keep your bent elbow pointing back and not to the side; and
  • Keep your hips closed, as externally rotating your lifted leg will unevenly align your weight.

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